A Love Letter to Employers

Dear all employers, recruiters, and HR personnel,

It’s clear you still haven’t found your one true love – that one recruiting service that will be steadfast by your side for the rest of your life. We admired your calm patience as you suffered through your past relationships with the likes of that insufferable Idealist, and worse, the Monster. We had a glimmer of hope when you experimented with hip new providers like the Resumator and Taleo. But our sadness became all the greater when those relationships, too, proved mismatched and ill-fated.

We held out hope that you would one day find true love. But we are tired of waiting. We want you to be happy and fulfilled, and we want it now. Will you give us that opportunity?

Think of what we could do…together:

Together, we can escape that terrible pile of resumes flooding your desk and inbox. Together, we will never again sift through under-qualified candidates. Together, we can end the struggle to find good talent. Your past providers simply weren’t cut out for helping you through this. They could scarcely see the problems you’ve been facing:

  • Your applicants fail to even meet basic qualifications. More than 80% of you admitted that the majority of your applicants weren’t qualified.1
  • Hiring is really hard. In 2011, employers’ difficulty filling positions in the US went up 38%.2
  • You lose precious time and money in the process. Every lost employee costs you, both in workplace morale and in lost productivity. Even a minimum wage employee can cost you upwards of $3500 in turnover expenses.3

These problems are evidence of a broken system. A system we both have come to despise. But why accept the status quo? Let’s rebuild it from the ground up! Let Jobsuitors enter your life, and you will never be on your own again.

Our greatest vow is to make the hiring process so easy, so fast, and so effective that you wonder how you could have ever lived without us. How can we deliver on this promise?

noun_project_4953For one, we value honesty and open communication. As such, we’ll provide you every bit of information we can about your candidates. You’ll gain direct access to their social and professional networks, their personalities, their verifiable skills, and their real career and personal interests.

noun_project_9452We also value compatibility. We are fueled by a painstakingly crafted matching engine that connects you based on the all factors you determine to be most valuable.


Oh, and trust us, our search filter will leave you weak at the knees. Fast, intuitive, and infinitely customizable, it will make you wonder how in the world your past providers could have so devastatingly underperformed.


Lastly, we are responsive. Our entire product is designed to cater to your every whim. Let’s say you’re the take-charge type who likes to personally narrow-in on the best candidates without our algorithm’s help? Perfect. Filter by location? Easy. Filter by past employees of your competitor? Most definitely. Filter through your own company’s internal ranks to see whom you might have overlooked? Without a doubt. We’ve got you covered.

We at Jobsuitors hereby promise to be forever faithful to you. And we’re confident that we’ll be the most compatible partner you’ve ever had.

Sincerely yours,

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  2. “Talent Shortage 2011 Survey Results.” Manpower Group. 2011.
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