Finding the One That Fits

We built Jobsuitors with our friends in mind. We saw them agonizing over their resumes and sending out endless cover letters. They punched their information into dime-a-dozen internet resume sites that mass-emailed it to random companies – ignoring their specialized skills, their social networks, and their preferences. So much time is wasted without producing good results. We thought there had to be a better way.

Jobsuitors takes the job search and turns it on its head. We have painstakingly (and lovingly) set up a comprehensive system that matches jobseekers to employers. Jobseekers finally have one platform where they can input all of their information, find jobs that they actually want, and effortlessly apply. Meanwhile, employers can automate the process of posting positions, filtering through candidates, and vetting them. Both jobseekers and employers can pick multiple factors in our innovative search engine and weigh how much each one matters to them.

So you want a job where you can code while drinking a beer? You got it. Want to work in a competitive environment on Wall Street and still get paid maternity leave? Done. Want an employee who’ll figure out the company’s next big idea and beat everyone at foosball? We’ve got you covered.

We believe that the job search doesn’t have to be miserable. That hidden underneath all of the bureaucracy and red tape, there’s excitement to be had – the thrill of discovery. We believe in a process that’s more efficient, more effective, and more fun.

The time has come, friends. Let’s find you the one that fits.

See you on the other side,
The Jobsuitors Team