See the Team at Work

Phew! The past several months have been some of the most intense ones our team has ever seen. At the time of our last blog post, Jobsuitors was more idea than reality. We knew that we wanted to build a platform for matching jobseekers and employers, and we had a clear sense of what features we wanted to include (match percentages, personality and preference filters, etc.). However, all the features we envisioned were nothing more than scrawlings on paper and whiteboards.


This was actually our very first scribble :)


Well, that’s all changed, now. During the summer, we flew our awesome designer friend Irene Tran out to NYC to help us bring Jobsuitors to life.


After taking one look at Steve’s preliminary (and truly inspired) designs, Irene confirmed that her help was very much needed.


True to form, Irene came in and totally schooled us on design and UI/UX principles. In a few short weeks, Irene took Jobsuitors from this:

candidate_profile2 this!


After Irene saved the day with her designs, we eagerly moved into development! But by the end of summer, our leases ran out in New York City, so we opted to explore new territory out west and decide whether Seattle could trump NYC as an ideal launch city. Our first item on the Seattle agenda was to fashion the apartment into a functional coworking space.




Next, we set to work on development and internal bug fixing!


By late September, we were, at long last, ready to launch the alpha version of our jobseeker portal. And launch it we did!


All you jobseekers should go see it for yourselves! Register and claim your own unique jobseeker URL here: Are you as excited as we get during our weekly Google Hangouts?


What’s next? EMPLOYER PORTALS! We’re finishing up alpha development for our employer portal which will allow all our eager employer alpha testers to finally get in, post their jobs, and start browsing through the top applicants that our algorithm can serve up!

What’s after that? I don’t quite know, but I sure hope it involves more impromptu coworking slumber parties.


Wait, are you actually still reading this!? Stop it! Go over to and sign up! =D